Our jewelry is made from 18k Gold Fill, Sterling Silver (.925), Silver  Rodhium  Plated and Black  Rodhium Plated. To maintain the beauty and integrity of jewelry it is essential to take the following precautions:


- Avoid contact with corrosive products (perfumes, creams, cleaners). Therefore it is essential to remove the semijoias when passing creams, handling cleaning products or chemical fertilizers. Put on the chain only after the perfume has been completely absorbed into the skin. Never splash perfume directly on the chain.


- Remove the jewels when washing your hands or when taking a shower, pool, sauna or sea. Chlorine contained in water can damage the part. Remove jewelry before working out or doing other vigorous activities, salt from seawater also damages jewels.


- Do not use your jewels on the beach as the sun, sea water and especially sunscreen can damage the jewels.


- Take special care with the stones as a hit or fall may damage them.


- Store your parts in a dry, dark and individual place to avoid direct friction so that they do not scratch. Friction with other parts or metallic material may cause damage to the veneer coating. Hang your jewelry away from other metals. Exposure to hooks or trays made with base metals will cause jewelry to oxidize.

Some of our jewelry is soldered, which can expose the base metal core of 18k Gold Fill, or cause the small amount of copper in Sterling Silver material to come to the surface. This will cause a small dark spot to appear at the point of soldering. It can easily be removed with a polishing cloth.

We love a dainty look; this means that we use delicate chains for many of our necklaces. Please take care that the jewelry is not stretched/pulled (children and pets are usually the culprits!) We do understand that mistakes happen, so we offer a jewelry repair service. If your jewelry breaks within 30 days of receiving it, we will repair it at no cost to you. All other jewelry repairs are available at a reasonable cost.

If your jewelry needs repair, please contact customer service at gabrielle@tomeojewelry.com

How should I clean my Tomeo Jewelry?


Pour a small amount of mild soap into lukewarm water and use a small, soft toothbrush to clean your jewelry. Toothbrushes are ideal for cleaning jewelry with intricate details, which can otherwise be difficult to clean. If the dirt is hard to remove, soak the jewelry in clean water. 
A silver-polishing cloth is a great tool to make your sterling silver jewelry shine again if the pieces have become dull. However, it will not remove scratches. 


 Enjoy your new jewelry!

 Tomeo Jewelry Team