Fraternity Without Borders was founded by Wagner Moura who I had the pleasure of meeting in 2016 when I decided to volunteer in Africa. This beautiful project operates in the poorest places on the planet, trying to end the hunger and taking hope and happiness to all its inhabitants. The experience in Africa was transformative: it challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and experience what I have never seen before. Working as a volunteer I saw the extreme poverty, hunger and happiness. I still remember all the moments getting to the villages and being received with a lot of love and songs. I couldn't understand why they were able to smile living in those conditions, and the answer came after a few days... That people understand the real value of what is important, that there is no limit to love, empathy and care. I can't count how many times they gave me hugs and their hands when I had tears on my eyes making me fell strong and loved.  It was a reminder that we are not alone in this journey no matter what. I went to Africa with the mission to bring love and education, but it didn't take long to realize that I was the student. Thank you to all the people I have met in Africa, I go through life with a better perspective. Everyone has the potential to do something good and together we can make a difference and work collectively toward a better future. Love opens all doors and is the answer!