Designed As Uniquely As You Are

A minimalist and elegant collection that symbolize the idea that true strength often comes from simplicity and authenticity.

Designed As Uniquely As You Are

We celebrate the beauty of diversity and the uniqueness of each person, our pieces are designed to complement and enhance the
wearer's individuality.

New Arrivals


Designed by Gabi

Myself, along with my creative team, have designed and crafted each piece of jewelry. I draw inspiration from my personal life but also Brazil’s natural beauty, heritage, and ethnic diversity. The ability to blend artistic vision and creativity with love results in the creation of unique and timeless jewelry.

- Gabi

Introducing me

We create not just jewelry. We believe that jewelry is a form of self-expression and
empowerment. Our creations inspire individuals to embrace their uniqueness,
celebrate their journey, and find confidence in their own beauty.

With love,




3% of our profits are donated. We are proud to support Fraternity Without Borders and make a difference in the lives of others.